Business Management

  • Effective communication skills new

    COURSE DESCRIPTION Communication skills are essential to the creation of a healthy working environment where good and effective communication leads to harmony, harmony, harmony and peace in the workplace. At the same time, misunderstanding is one of the main obstacles to the achievement of the desired goals, which contributes to poor communication and often creates [...]
  • Effective Negotiations Skills new

    COURSE DESCRIPTION  Negotiation is one of the most important aspects of human behavior that individuals and groups need in their daily lives. The negotiating process is a continuous process in all areas. It needs a person whatever the nature of his work or desires. He needs special skills to enable the individual to do what [...]
  • Effective Planning and Scheduling new

    As project managers and leads, we all know how difficult it can be to accurately determine the duration of a project, yet that is exactly what is expected of us on a regular basis. This workshop will not disclose the secret of creating an accurate schedule, because there isn’t one. However, it will provide the [...]
  • Enhancing Your Productivity Using EFT new

    COURSE DESCRIPTION  Stress and psychological disabilities are the most important factors affecting the individual's performance in the organization or in life in general. There are several solutions to get rid of these problems, most notably the technology of freedom of mind. Therefore, this course is entitled "Raising the level of performance using the technology of [...]
  • Event and Conferences Management new

    This course will cover the role of events in today’s world. Venue selection and negotiation, room layouts and seating format, food and beverage entertainment speakers, design and decor, transportation and logistics, registration and check-in, hybrid meetings, apps and technology, basic lighting and audio visual, and more. Course objective: Understand the role of an event management [...]
  • Excellence in Customer Services new

    COURSE DESCRIPTION  customer service is a set of practices aimed at enhancing the level of customer satisfaction,for example the sense that the service or product has received customer satisfaction and a more accurate definition: the process by which the needs and expectations of customers are met by providing high quality service resulting in customer satisfaction [...]
  • Goal Setting new

    This two-day goal setting training course will help you find a way to make yourself and others more productive, and learn how to clearly define, plan and communicate your goals and how to manage conflicts more effectively. In addition, this course develops your leadership abilities and performance management skills, so that you’ll be able to [...]
  • Hospitality Management new

    It is a study gives you an overview of the skills and knowledge needed to operate within a hotel management function. And a clear understanding of the skills and knowledge required to be a successful manager within the industry. Course objective: Identify the core of hospitality management. List & describe the needs of hospitality customers. [...]
  • Hospitality Skills new

    Whether it's greeting guests at a hotel or guiding tourists around an exciting vacation spot, it's important to provide a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. The Hospitality Skills program will provide you with an introduction to hotel operations and the knowledge and expertise required for an entry-level position in the hospitality field. Course objective: Identify the [...]